The aim of this course is to learn how to transform your ideas and fantasies into clay. You will be able to work with different sorts of clay (rough, fine, earthenware) and coloured clay.

You will learn to work with different ceramic techniques such as coil-building, ‘slab work’, modelling, sculpting and moulding, using a plaster press mould.(these are all hand-based skills) or how to throw, use a potter’s wheel (electric or foot-operated). As well as these techniques for making objects, you will also have the opportunity to work with decorative techniques such as relief moulds, prints, etching, marbling and inlay using different coloured clay. To give your work colour, you can use various materials, such as engobe (clay slip ), oxides, majolica, colour pigments and glossy or mat glazing. You can paint, rub in or pour a glaze over your work or you can use the high-pressure spray in the glazing cabin. Your work is fired in a ceramic kiln. Everything is first bisque fired and then glazed fired.

All finished work is discussed by the group. This trains you to look critically at each other’s work, learn from each other’s mistakes and make improvements. A valuable element in the learning process. All pupils are given individual attention (eight people per class) so groups can consist of both beginners and advanced pupils. This means that pupils at different phases of the workshop can inspire each other and allows you to start a course at whatever time of the year you wish.

Throwing, using, the electric potter’s wheel
We strongly recommend that you have already had some experience in working with clay if you would like to learn to throw, use, the electric potter’s wheel during this course. You will use the wheel throughout the lesson which means you will not make objects by hand – learning to throw requires lots of practice. Therefore we advise you to focus on this technique throughout the whole course (20 lessons). We have two electric potter’s wheels and one kick wheel available during classes. The course consists of 20 lessons (spread over approx. six months) on fixed days.

A minimum number of six participants is required for the course.
Most registrations are made during the summer and Christmas holiday periods. For more information please call Ceramics Studio Marjan de Voogd 020-6255245.

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